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Home Gardening

Gardening isn’t an easy task especially in an urban setting. It is, however, an important prepper skill to learn. Growing herbs is one thing, but gardening food you can actually eat is definitely an upgrade. You can learn more about gardening right at the comfort of your own home with The Urban Prepper. In his video, he focuses more on container gardening for preppers who live in the urban setting.

Living in the city isn’t exactly the ideal setting for gardening. But it is still doable. What happens if you have a small backyard? Is it still doable? We’ll tell you right now, it definitely is! You can still have a self-sufficient small backyard garden that yields harvests for your family all year round. If you think you’re ready to give in constant care and time for your garden to grow, then you can get started with this article where our partners from Survival Life talk about growing a self-sufficient garden in your own backyard.

Watering your garden is crucial for your garden. One of the most efficient ways to water them is a PVC drip irrigation system. This allows you to conserve your water for your garden. If you want one for your own garden, look no further! City Prepping walks you through the process he used to set up the PVC irrigation system in his gardens. Check the video below to learn more:

What food are you growing in your garden? If you don’t have a garden, what would you grow if you had one? Let us know in the comments below!

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