FPA Weekly Community Update | First Aid

First Aid

We all know that a first aid kit is an Essential for Preppers. It’s definitely one of the top things on your list to have in case of emergencies. Having a basic first aid kit is great but what about something better? If you’re looking into upgrading, check the video below by Canadian Prepper where he shows how he built his for survival and prepping.

When we think of first aid, we think of the basics– bandages, gauze, gauze tape, tweezers, scissors, etc. It’s advisable that you keep those items as part of your kit. What about a natural first aid kit? Nature has wonderful healing benefits so it wouldn’t hurt to keep one around. If you’re interested in making your own natural first aid kit, you can read more about it in this article from our partners at Survival Life.

Okay so now you have your first aid kit. What now? If an emergency were to happen in front of you, would you know how to put it into use? You can’t just assume that you’re good to go after preparing your own first aid kit. It’s always good to know what skills you need to know in case an injury were to happen. If you’re looking to learn, City Prepping teaches these skills that you can practice in the video below.

What was the worst injury you’ve treated with your first aid kit? Let us know in the comments!

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